12 Best Crossfit Gyms London

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Published on July 14, 2023

Cross fit is a form of high-intensity exercise that involves active body movement. The movement is common movements such as pulling, pushing, and squatting.

To get the best out of cross fit, various exercises like push-ups, and weight lifting are done at a pre-planned time to build muscles.

 Are you looking for the best CrossFit gyms London has to offer? Read on as we take you through each of them.

The 12 Best Crossfit Gyms in London

If you're looking to take your fitness to the next level, London is home to a thriving Crossfit community with a variety of outstanding gyms.

These 12 Crossfit gyms in London stand out for their exceptional facilities, experienced trainers, and supportive environments.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, these gyms offer a range of programs and classes tailored to your fitness goals.

Get ready to push your limits, embrace the Crossfit challenge, and transform your strength and endurance at these top-rated gyms in London.

1. Crossfit Central London

Crossfit Central London

Source: www.crossfitcentrallondon.co.uk

Crossfit Central London is one of the best training centers you should visit. It is located between waterloo stations and London Bridge. It is a five-minute walk from Southwark tube or the Southern part of Tate Modern.

 At this center, the trainers take time to know your goal and other vital information before the commencement of the training.

It is a training center for personal training, foundation training, beginner classes, Olympic weight lifting, and element classes.

2. Crossfit North London

Crossfit North London

Source: www.crossfitnorthlondon.co.uk

Crossfit North London happens to be the largest Crossfit center in London. The center is near the Crouch End of North London.

The center is majorly for group strength and conditioning sessions. They can use yoga, workout, open gym, and foundation classes to train them.

The training sessions at crossfit north London include prenatal training, weight lifting levels I & 2, movement, endurance coaching, and mobility.

Also, you can have sessions such as core training, postnatal training, full nutrition, and others. There is a monthly fee of €180 you have to pay to enjoy unlimited membership.

3. Royal Docks Fitness

Royal Docks Fitness London

Source: www.royaldocksfitness.com

Royal Docks fitness is a great Crossfit gym that is located in East London near Excel Centre. They have a world-class facility with nice flooring and smart coaches.

The coaches are so friendly and ready to take you through different sessions with satisfaction.

You enjoy the facility through a membership subscription. The price is affordable and the experience at royal docks crossfit is very awesome.

4. Crossfit Hammersmith

Crossfit Hammersmith

Source: tribe.london

Crossfit Hammersmith has everything that you need for CrossFit gym. They offer sessions

that range from conditioning to strength. The team is friendly with five friendly coaches that will train both beginners and experienced members to achieve their fitness goals. There is conditioning facility that makes conditioning easy.

There are different classes such as weight lifting, cardio, gymnastics, sweaty workouts, and lots more. If are you looking for strength, fitness, and fun, then Crossfit Hammersmith.

You have different membership subscriptions such as silver membership or gold membership.

5. Prince Regent CrossFit

Prince Regent CrossFit happens to grown very fast since they founded in 2017. It is an affordable CrossFit gym center you can find in London. With just a membership fee of £139, you are sure to receive unlimited services at this center. 

There are various sessions such as lifestyle training, workout, and weight lifting. It is one of the CrossFit studios you need to visit for a nice crossfit training session.

6. Pro Mai MMA Academy

Pro Mai MMA Academy

Source: www.promai.com

Pro Mai MMA Academy offers different training sessions such as Olympic weightlifting and martial arts training. The center is located at Feltham, Middlesex.

The center has fully equipped facilities and runs up to 20 different weekly classes. You can use two of the fully equipped gym weight stations for your CrossFit classes.

7. In2 CrossFit

In2 CrossFit

Source: www.in2training.fit

In2 CrossFit is a CrossFit gym that does not focus only on Crossfit Sessions. They also include kettlebell training, mobility training, yoga, and Olympic lifting. The center is friendly and trains loyal members with an exciting atmosphere.

The coaches will introduce beginners to sessions that build strength and stamina in them. Beginners can participate in a 60-minute introductory session without a fee. There is group training that enables friendly coaches to explain the necessary CrossFit Method.

8. CrossFit Vauxhall

CrossFit Vauxhall

Source: crossfitvauxhall.co.uk

CrossFit Vauxhall is another gym center that provides high-intensity exercise. The fitness journey sessions include running, gymnastics, rowing, weightlifting, and lots more. There is a fitness community where you can connect with like-minded individuals.

The coaches at CrossFit Vauxhall are committed to educating and empowering you for a healthy future. When you visit CrossFit Aldgate, you will know the why, what, and how of every exercise.

9. CrossFit Perpetua London

CrossFit Perpetua London

Source: perpetua.ie

CrossFit Perpetua London is a world-class CrossFit gym at is located at Chelsea Bridge. The is a great CrossFit that is enthusiastic about conditioning and strength. To begin, you must participate in the fundamental training session.

After completing the fundamental session, you can move to either personal training or group exercise classes. Classes start at 6:00 and finish by 19:30. There are fully equipped gyms for the training programme and foundation course.

10. CrossFit Evolving

Starting a gym at a great location like CrossFit Evolving is one of the nicest decisions you can take. The center was founded in 2011 and continues to expand every year with a training history of excellence.

The gym offers high-standard facilities with programs that meet the needs of the members. Fantastic coaches in the gym try to know your goals and patiently guide you to achieve them. The session begins at 06:00 and close by 22:00 with great sessions.

11. CrossFit Wandsworth

CrossFit Wandsworth gym in London

Source: district-fitness.co.uk/locations/wandsworth

CrossFit Wandsworth is a gym that offers high-intensity Crossfit with excellence. The team is very friendly and welcoming and offers prompt assistance anytime to members.

There is a monthly unlimited membership subscription of £200 for gym sessions. They also provide drop-ins for anyone traveling to London who feels like having a gym session.

12. Gym 1971 Stratford

Are you looking for a gym that offers a variety of sessions? Then, visit Gym 1971, Stratford. Their classes include high-intensity CrossFit, gymnastics, and weight lifting in the same gym.

 You are sure to meet a lovely team that is welcoming with wonderful vibes. The trainers are experienced, knowledgeable, approachable, and dedicated to work. Moreover, the environment is cool and the monthly subscription fee is £165 only.

Frequently Ask Questions - Best Crossfit Gyms London

How much does CrossFit cost in London?

The cost of CrossFit gyms in London varies depending on the specific gym and membership options. On average, monthly fees range from £115 to £200. While it may be a higher investment compared to traditional gym memberships, CrossFit offers numerous benefits, including expert coaching, personalized programming, and a supportive community that can significantly enhance your fitness journey.

Is CrossFit harder than F45?

Comparing CrossFit and F45, CrossFit is generally considered more challenging. CrossFit training encompasses a wide range of movements, including mobility, endurance coaching, strength training, and the development of new athletic skills. On the other hand, F45 focuses on general fitness and strength without the emphasis on acquiring new athletic skills. Both options provide effective workouts, but CrossFit offers a more comprehensive approach for those seeking to improve across various fitness domains.

Is CrossFit really worth it?

Absolutely! CrossFit is highly regarded for its effectiveness in improving mobility, weightlifting techniques, strength, weight loss, and overall health. With its focus on functional movements and varied workouts, CrossFit offers a dynamic and engaging fitness experience. Furthermore, the supportive community aspect of CrossFit provides accountability, motivation, and a sense of belonging that can greatly enhance one's fitness journey. It's a worthwhile investment for those seeking a challenging and rewarding fitness regimen.


We have many CrossFit gyms in London. However, some are not properly equipped for the best Crossfit gym experience. A good center should have good facilities and friendly coaches. And they should make you fit, confident and strong.

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