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Published on July 29, 2023

London can be said to be the capital of rental market, and, unsurprisingly, renters flock to this diversified and electric city year after year.

Despite its high prices, London is certainly among the very best cities in the world to call home, catering to all tastes. And if you would like to rent in London, you will be spoiled for choice, regardless of your budget.

If you're considering moving to the United Kingdom's capital, here's a handy guide to great desirable neighbourhoods in the town centre with affordable rents where you can find a place to call home and enjoy city life.

Tips for Renting a London Home

1. Negotiate

When doing property search, keep close tabs on rental prices in the cheapest areas or reasonable prices and similar prices for nearby properties.

2. Check your transportation and walking distance. 

Aside from rent, travel costs can be the most expensive single expense for Londoners, so don't travel further than necessary for work!

Renting an apartment in south London is considerably cheaper; you will save money, and there are a few regions in south London from where you can readily identify something that would be suitable for your budget. The best part is that if you have an office in central London, you can easily take public transportation and get there in 20-30 minutes.

The Best Places To Rent in London

1. Camden Town

Camden Town

Camden is a North London neighborhood that never sleeps. Camden has something for everyone, from bustling markets during the day to lively restaurants and music venues at night.

Separating Mornington Crescent and Camden Town, period townhouses contrast with lots of contemporary developments and transformed industrial buildings along Regent's Canal.

In terms of commuting to the terminal station(s), Camden to Euston takes 2 minutes.


Battersea place to rent in London

The majority of Battersea's residential architecture consists of red brick mansion blocks around Battersea Park, modern developments overlooking the River Thames, and period terrace houses.

There are also a few Victorian school structure conversions and apartments under construction at the iconic Battersea Power Station. Indeed, there are numerous Battersea Power Station apartments for rent. 

To transport yourself to the terminal station(s), it takes 4 minutes from Battersea Park to Victoria and 8 minutes from Queenstown Road to Waterloo.

The eateries on Battersea Square provide a lovely setting for a meal, with plenty of outside seating.

Flour to the People sells fresh bread, and Battersea Arts Centre, close to Clapham Junction, hosts live music, theater, and talks. The average rent is £399 per week for one bedroom, £560 for two bedrooms, and a three bed is £820.

3. St. John’s wood

St. Johns Wood London

St. John's Wood in North West London is well-known for Abbey Road, where the Beatles developed the album cover for their track record of a similar name.

The neighborhood is densely packed with grand mansion blocks, while the main street is lined with charming and independent boutiques.

St. John's Wood is near Regent's Park and the Lord's Cricket Ground. The average rent of a one-bedroom apartment in John's Wood costs £1,990 per month.

4. Waltham Forest

Waltham forest london

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Waltham Forest is a north east London borough. It has a long history of crafts and arts dating back centuries. It is one of the most environmentally friendly London boroughs north of the Thames.

It is bounded on the south by Leytonstone, on the north by Walthamstow and Chingford, and the east by the ancient woodlands of Epping Forest, which provides visitors with a true sense of rural England without having to travel too far from London.

There are numerous cafés and restaurants to satisfy visitors and residents alike, and it is only 45 minutes from central London.

With nearly 6,000 acres of green space, it is regarded as one of the largest neighborhoods in the London area.

5. Sutton

Sutton Best Places To Rent In London

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Sutton is well-connected, with a 30-minute trip to London Victoria, well-regarded and good schools, a growing high street, and great transport links.

Sutton also happens to be one of the south west London boroughs with reasonably priced housing. If you live in a 4-bedroom house with an asking rent of £2,597 per month, you get to pay £649.25 per person.

6. Greenwich

Greenwich London

Greenwich has green spaces, maritime history, and a spanning market selling all kinds of treasures. It provides an alternative to London's hustle and bustle while still being a short distance from Canary Wharf.

In Greenwich, look for streets directly adjacent to Greenwich Park, particularly on the Croom's Hillside, extending down to the Deptford Bridge station.

The Maze Hillside is quite lovely. To reside in this south east London area, you'll need to be quite wealthy.

The Blackheath area, on the other hand, is more prominent with young professionals and students on a lower budget. The average rent is £334 per week for one bed, £396 for two beds, and three beds go for £507.

7. Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green

This East London neighborhood is buzzing, but it's a little quieter than other areas. Bethnal Green's long-standing cafes, old-school pubs, and hip eateries are popular among young professionals.

Renters in this east end neighbourhood benefit from being close to the amazing V&A museum as well as Columbia Road's thrilling indie shops.

Stop for a bite and a drink at one of the many local bars and cafes, then return to the outdoors in the nearby Pavilion Park.

8. Hillingdon

Hillingdon Best Places To Rent In London

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Four bedrooms in Hillingdon will cost you a standard asking rent of £3,050 per month, or £762.50 per person.

Hillingdon is the second-largest London borough, and its most popular landmark is Heathrow Airport, which allows residents to travel farther afield.

There's plenty to choose from here, from Edwardian and Victorian houses to maisonettes and modern apartments.

9. Streatham

Streatham London

Streatham offers a diverse range of property types, from large Victorian family homes near Streatham Common to converted flats and 1930s residences eastward of Streatham High Road.

There are plenty of places for coffee and cake along Streatham High Road, including Brooks and Gao, Hood, and Perfect Blend, to name a few, as well as plenty of green spaces, including The Rookery and Streatham Common.

Streatham to Blackfriars takes 19 minutes, Streatham Common to Victoria takes 21 minutes, and Streatham Hill to Victoria takes 19 minutes.

10. Covent Garden

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is the emblem of central London living, with a bustling piazza and a plethora of boutique shops, stylish restaurants, and bars.

The West End, London's theatre district, is just a stone's throw away, and staying in the WC2 postcode sets you right in the middle of the action. The average rent for an apartment with one bedroom is £2,580 per month.

11. Croydon

Croydon in London

Croydon, another popular area for young renters, offers 4-bedroom houses for an asking rent of £2,643 per month, which equates to an average of £660.75 per person.

Croydon is among the cheapest rent areas in South London to rent in, particularly for a flat share or house shares. Property type in Croydon ranges from Victorian cottages and large detached houses to modern flats in residential towers.

With only a 20-minute train ride to London, you can be confident that you'll find the perfect residence for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which London Neighborhood Has A High Rental Demand?

For some time now, London's east and, more recently, northeast have led the charge in terms of the best rental yield returns, with a number of the Capital's highest rental returns concentrated in the region.

Is It Less Expensive To Rent Or Buy A Home In London?

In short-term periods, renting in London is frequently less expensive. This is because the rent you pay will probably be less than your mortgage payments, and depositing on a rental home is considerably less compared to the initial expenses of purchasing a home.

Which Part Of London Is The Most Expensive?

North London is typically more expensive to reside in than south of the river. If you have the funds for it, the most expensive areas in the capital's north are Lambeth and Islington, with Enfield and Croydon being the least expensive, both of which are within easy commute distance of the city centre.

Conclusion - Best Places To Rent In London

When it comes to locating a place to live in London, there are numerous options with residential developments and excellent transport links . And any of the neighborhoods would be an excellent place to live.

So, make your preference, pick, and take pleasure in living in some of the best places to rent in London, whether it's Notting Hill, Bromley South, Bethnal Green, or another fantastic areas.

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