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December is an incredible time to visit London, as the city is transformed into a winter wonderland with festive cheer in the air.

With so much to see and do during the holiday season, London in December is the perfect destination for anyone looking to celebrate Christmas in a grand style.

From Christmas markets to Christmas lights, London has everything you need to get into the festive spirit. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about London in December.

Average Weather Condition in London in December

London in December brings a delightful mix of holiday cheer and wintry ambiance. The average weather conditions during this time of year showcase the city's chilly yet enchanting atmosphere.

Average Temperature

The average temperature in London in December ranges from 7°C (45°F) to 11°C (52°F). While the weather may be chilly, the festive season brings plenty of warmth and cheer to the city.

Enjoy ice skating at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland or visit Christmas markets and lights in central London. You should to celebrate Christmas Day and New Year's Eve with a three-course meal or festive activities.

Whether you're in London for the first time or a seasoned traveler, December is the perfect time to experience the city's holiday spirit.

Weather in London in December


London receives an average of 55mm of rainfall in December, making it one of the wettest months of the year. While rain can be expected, it doesn't dampen the festive spirit of the city.

Pack an umbrella and enjoy the moments, lights, and winter wonderland activities.

Sunshine Hours

In December, London experiences an average of just two hours of sunshine per day, making it one of the darkest months of the year.

But with the bright lights of Christmas markets and festive decorations all around, you won't even notice the lack of sunlight while exploring the city.

Festivals and events to enjoy in London in December

Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols

London in December is a magical time of year, with an abundance of enjoyments, lights, and festivities. One of the most beloved traditions is attending a Christmas Carol concert.

From grand performances at Westminster Abbey to intimate singalongs at local pubs, there are endless opportunities to get in the holiday spirit through song.

Don't miss the famous Trafalgar Square Carol singing, and be sure to warm up with a cup of mulled wine or a hot Christmas pudding.

Christmas carols in London are an unforgettable experience that captures the holiday cheer and festive atmosphere of the city.

New Year's Eve

New Years Eve London

This prominent event in London is a truly unforgettable experience. The capital city comes alive with dazzling lights and vibrant energy as people gather from all over the world to celebrate.

From the stunning fireworks display over the iconic London Eye to the bustling meritorious markets and ice-skating rinks, there is no shortage of things to do.

Visitors can take a walking tour to soak up the festive spirit and admire the beautiful light displays, or head to Trafalgar Square to join in on the live music and carols.

The evening is filled with celebrations, from three-course meals to fun events at comedy clubs and the Sky Garden.

The city's top attractions, including Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, are also open for visitors to explore. With so many options, there is something for everyone to ring in the new year in London in December.

Charles Dickens Festival

This Festival in London is an annual event that takes place in December. It celebrates the life and works of the famous Victorian author, Charles Dickens.

The festival includes many exciting events such as walking tours, live performances of his classic novels, and even a Christmas market where visitors can buy festive gifts and treats.

The festival creates a festive spirit in London, and visitors can enjoy the many Christmas lights and displays throughout the city.

Visitors can also explore many of London's top attractions, such as the Tower Bridge, London Eye, and Trafalgar Square while attending the festival.

Top Tourist Attractions in London in December

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland in London is one of the top attractions during the holiday season.

Located in Hyde Park, this winter festival is perfect for visitors looking to celebrate Christmas in London in December. This wonderland features Christmas markets, pop-up ice rinks, live music, and festive food.

Visitors can experience the festive spirit of London by exploring the many attractions including ice skating rinks and several walking tours.

For Christmas shopping, visit Covent Garden and Bond Street for great gifts.

You can also celebrate Christmas at Westminster Abbey with a Christmas carol service, or visit Buckingham Palace to see the Christmas trees.

London Eye

London Eye December

The London Eye is one of the top attractions for visitors who want to visit London in December.

Located on the South Bank of the River Thames, this iconic Ferris wheel offers spectacular views of the city, including the stunning lights and decorations of the Christmas season.

There are plenty of fun things to do in the city during this season, whether it's enjoying a comedy show or exploring the many museums on a rainy day.

In addition to offering breathtaking views of the city, the London Eye is also a great starting point for a trip to other popular attractions in the city.

Alternatively, visitors can take a short ride on the London tube to explore other parts of the city, including Kew Gardens.

No matter how visitors choose to spend their time in London during December, a spin on the London Eye is a great way to take in the sights and get some cool breeze.

Tower of London

Tower Of London in December

The Tower of London is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames. This iconic landmark has played an important role in English history and is home to the Crown Jewels, which visitors can see on display.

The Tower of London also houses a number of other exhibits, including the famous White Tower, which features exhibits on medieval arms and armor.

Visitors can explore the castle's many towers and ramparts, as well as its impressive battlements and gatehouses.

The Tower of London is a must-visit attraction for anyone interested in English history or architecture, and is conveniently located in central London.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Visiting London in December?

Absolutely! Visiting London during December is highly recommended for those seeking a festive and magical experience.

The city comes alive with holiday spirit, adorned with sparkling lights and decorations.

From the iconic Trafalgar Square Christmas tree to the enchanting displays in Covent Garden and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London offers a charming atmosphere that is sure to leave visitors captivated.

What Should I Pack for a Trip to London in December?

When packing for a trip to London in December, it's essential to be prepared for the cold and potentially damp weather.

Pack warm, waterproof clothing, including a good winter coat, hats, scarves, and gloves.

Layering is key to adapt to varying temperatures, so pack sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, and thermal wear.

Comfortable and waterproof shoes are also a must, as well as an umbrella to shield from any rain showers.

What Are Some Indoor Activities to Do in London During December?

London offers a plethora of indoor activities to enjoy during December.

Explore the city's world-class museums, such as the British Museum, the National Gallery, or the Natural History Museum, where you can delve into art, culture, and natural wonders.

Attend a performance at one of London's renowned theaters, catch a comedy show, or enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of a traditional British pub.

Additionally, you can take a studio tour to discover the magic behind beloved films or explore the city's thriving food scene by visiting cozy cafes and indulging in traditional afternoon tea.

Conclusion - London in December

Visiting London in December offers many opportunities to experience the merry season, and Christmas markets are one of the top attractions.

The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is the perfect place to buy Christmas gifts and have fun time.

The South Bank Christmas Market is another great place to find unique presents and enjoy a white Christmas atmosphere. Rainy days can be spent indoors with a visit to the Somerset House ice rink or a studio tour in the West End.

There are several museums to explore, or take a day trip to Canary Wharf for a fresh air break in December. Don't forget to try the traditional mince pies while enjoying the Christmas celebrations and Christmas cheer!

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