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March in London—what's in store for you? Get ready to uncover the city's charm with this guide to London in March. Here are the burning questions we'll tackle:

  • What should I wear in London during March?
  • How's the weather in March?
  • What are the top things to do in London this month?
  • Is March a crowded season in London?

From fashion tips to weather insights, must-visit attractions, and crowd considerations, we've got you covered. Get ready for an exciting journey through London's vibrant March scene. Let's dive in!

Is It A Great Time To Visit London In March?

The month of March in London indicates the arrival of spring, which brings a burst of colour to the city's otherwise grey landscape. It's that time of year again when London gets some warmth and sunshine.

Parks and gardens come alive with unique blooms that aid various outdoor activities. Because of the pleasant weather and longer days, March is ideal for organizing and attending public festivals and events in London.

The pleasant weather only adds to the excitement of exploring this charming town and its many fun events. Here's a useful guide to springtime in England's capital.

Visit London In March

London in March: Weather Conditions

The weather in London changes from winter to spring in March. The weather, on the other hand, is still cold and rainy.

The days are shorter than the nights, and the sky is overcast several times.

The average daytime temperature would be 50°F/10℃, with an overnight temperature of 38°F/5℃. The average rainfall is 45mm, with a daily wind speed of 20 mph.

Weather in London in March

London In March: Things To Do

Visiting London in March offers the perfect setting for a stroll through the city's streets. A visit to famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Prince Edward TheatreNatural History MuseumWestminster Abbey, St. James Palace, and Big Ben which are rich in history, is a must when in London. 

Perhaps you are unsure of what to do during your stay in London in March; here is a list to follow:

1. St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

St. Patricks Day Celebrations London March

Every year on March 17th, London commemorates the anniversary of Irish Saint Patrick. The day is filled with great fanfare, including music, dance, food, and a parade.

Every year, a large crowd gathers to watch the famous annual parade, which features carnival floats and marching bands.

Participate in an extravagant parade, attend free events and live performances in Trafalgar Square, and visit Irish pubs throughout London to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and experience the complete Irish culture, Irish food, and Guinness beer. This is a free festival meant purposely to raise awareness.

2. The Boat Race

A visit to London in March allows you to experience the annual Rowboat Race between the literary greats of Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

A few hundred thousand people flocked to the river's banks to witness the over 180 years of rivalry between Oxford University and Cambridge University.

The race takes place along the River Thames in Southwest London. The men's and women's teams compete less than an hour apart. The race route begins in Putney and ends in Mortlake after 7 kilometres. 

There are a few vantage points in London to watch the river race while enjoying the party atmosphere, including the riverbank in Putney, Bishop's Park, Chiswick Bridge, and Hammersmith & Barnes.

3. Mother's Day

Mothers Day in London in March

Mother's Day is celebrated in London on the 4th Sunday of Lent, usually in March. Many gift shops and restaurants with unique menu options or packages for the occasion accompany it.

The large London stores, like Harrods, all have activities during the day, and you can also find pamper packages at well-known hotels and spas.

There are numerous events throughout the city to say a huge thank you to that wonderful and special woman in your life, and it's worth booking your favourite restaurant ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

4. Orchid festival at Kew Gardens

Like the Glasgow film festival in Royal Albert Hall, The Kew Royal Botanic Gardens hosts the annual Orchid Festival from February to early March. 

It's among the world's most beautiful botanical gardens, founded in 1840, and home to one of the world's most diverse mycological and botanical asset libraries.

Kew gardens, an enchanting refuge just under 30min from central London, is a fantastic place to visit in March due to its tranquil beauty at the start of the spring.

At the botanical paradise, you can break away from the dreary winter and marvel at the incredible exhibits of exotic flowers and orchids.

5. The Museums in London

Museums in London

Whether art, science, or history, there's always something for every traveller in almost every neighbourhood.

Choose between The National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Science Museum, all of which have free entry.

6. Stadium Tour

England is a sports-loving nation. If you're in London in March, make it a point to visit one of the city's famous stadiums. Stamford Bridge, Emirates, and Wembley stadium will all be accessible.

If you're lucky, you might just be able to get a ticket to watch a live match at one of these venues. You can link all of these stadia using the London tube routes.

7. International Women's Day

International Womens Day London

Celebrate International Women's Day every March 8th with a concerted effort to seek out women-owned businesses networking events or those supporting female producers and makers to commemorate IWD.

8. The West End Theatre

This theatre in London is where to be if you enjoy modern art shows. It will appeal to all who want theatrical musicals.

Aside from classic film screenings such as The Phantom of the Opera and The Lion King, a myriad of other cutting-edge and critically acclaimed productions will be screened in March as the weather begins to allow more people to visit the theatres.

9. Affordable Art Fair

Art Fairs in London in March

This first affordable art fair will be held in Battersea Park from March 9th to 12, featuring a landmark display celebration, inspiring women and female-identifying artists.

10. Enjoy The Other Art Fair

The Other Art Fair is organized by Saatchi Art to support independent artists, and the top local emerging artists create all modern art on display.

The affordable art fair attracts a lot of art enthusiasts, and if you are unfamiliar with the art world, you can purchase from the exhibiting artists.

11. Take a look at the cherry blossom trees

The cherry blossom season in London lasts from March to May. The later they bloom, the colder the Spring season is.

These lovely trees bloom for about two weeks and can be found in the following locations: Greenwich Park, Regent's Park, Kyoto Garden at Holland Park, Kensington Gardens, St. Paul's Cathedral, and St. James Park.

12. Switch off for Earth Hour

The World Wildlife Fund urges everyone to switch off for Earth in one night, an hour (8:30-9:30 PM) voluntary blackout as homes join in the effort on March 25th.

FAQs London in March

What Are The Best Places To Visit?

Fortune Theatre, London Cinemas, Sky Garden, London Eye, and Shaftesbury Theatre are among the best places to visit in London.

Discover the city's iconic landmarks, breathtaking views, and world-class entertainment options.

Is London Overcrowded In March?

Owing to the pleasant weather, London attracts more visitors in the spring. It may become quite populated towards the end of March or early April.

Plan your itinerary accordingly to make the most of your visit while considering the potential crowd levels.

What Are The Things You Can Do In London At Night?

When the sun sets, London comes alive with a vibrant nightlife. Explore night museums, witness captivating performances, join supper clubs for exquisite dining experiences, or simply take leisurely strolls around the illuminated city streets.

What Fun Can Kids Enjoy In London In March?

London offers a variety of fun-filled activities for children in March. Treat them to an adventure at SEA LIFE London or immerse them in the magical world of Harry Potter with a tour at Warner Bros. Studios. There's plenty to keep the little ones entertained!

Is It Expensive To Visit London?

Yes, visiting London can be somewhat pricey. However, with careful planning and utilizing online booking options, you can find great deals on travel tickets, accommodations, and attractions.

Take advantage of advance bookings to make your trip more cost-effective.

What Are Some Major Train Stations In London?

London boasts several major train stations, facilitating convenient travel within and outside the city.

Popular stations include Waterloo, Paddington, King's Cross, St Pancras International, Liverpool Street, Fenchurch Street, London Bridge, and Victoria. These well-connected hubs make exploring London and beyond a breeze.


London is a year-round destination due to its rich history and charming streets. Suppose you don't mind the dreariness that engulfs the region in some months of the year.

In that case, London in March is simply the perfect time to enjoy the countryside's beauty with lots of events like the vault festival, drink festival, and Zac Brown band music show in some of the world's iconic event venues like Olympia London.

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