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Considering a visit to London in May? You've chosen an excellent time to explore the vibrant capital! As spring blossoms into full bloom, London awakens with a myriad of colorful events and a delightful atmosphere.

But what can you expect during your May adventure? Is the weather ideal for outdoor exploration? Are there any unique festivals or activities to experience? Where can you find the best springtime blooms? We're here to provide you with all the answers.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil the wonders of London in May and address your burning questions:

  • What is the weather typically like in London in May?
  • What are the top events and festivals happening in May?
  • Where are the best spots to witness the beauty of spring blooms in London?
  • How should you plan your itinerary for a memorable visit to London in May?

So, grab your umbrella and let's dive into the enchanting world of London in May!

What is the weather condition in London in May?

May falls into the year's spring period, spanning from March to May. There is a transition of weather that changes from very warm to sunny to cold and rainy weather.

We have about 14 – 15 days of fully or partially sunny skies in May. While in London in May, you can also experience 15 days of rain.

However, rainy days could be between 6 – 8 days with about 1mm/0.04 inches depth of rainfalls.

Weather in London in May

What is the Temperature Range in London in May?

In the daytime, the average temperature is 14ºC. The average temperature for the overnight is 8ºC.

During a fully/partially sunny day, the average temperature is 16ºC during an average of 15ºC on a rainy day.

What should you wear in London in May?

Lifestyle in May is unique and different from summer. You must move around various items, great food and clothing materials.

Depending on where you intend to visit, you should move with your umbrella, rain gear, light raincoat, and comfortable footwear. In addition, a moderate or light jacket is a good clothing material during this time.

Sometimes weather can be fickle during this period. It is also essential to carry layered clothing material of various styles.

What should you wear in London in May

What are the things to do in London in May?

Staying in London in May is fun with fantastic activities. The Chelsea flower show is a famous show you don't need to miss.

The city of London has become lively due to different activities such as the Puppet Festival, London Craft WeekRiver Thames Cruise, Points East Festival, Open-Air Theatrical Performance, Horse Guards Parade, Canalway Cavalcade, Best London Theatre Shows, and May Fayre.

things to do in London in May

During this time, visitors visiting London meet at places like Covent Garden, Hyde Park Barracks and Kew Gardens for activities.

To have more information about the Best Markets in London, check out our article for useful tips and tricks!

Interestingly, these events during some holidays, like the South Bank Holiday, give families and friends time to share memories.

People gather to admire excellent floral demonstrations of the world at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. 

Is your child schooling? Visit London during this period because schools observe a half-term holiday towards the end of May.

Popular places to visit in London in May

1. Change of Guard at Buckingham Palace

Guard at Buckingham Palace

Change Of Guard at Buckingham Palace is a fascinating event many people take seriously. The event happens outside the Palace of Buckingham at 10:45 am. 

The duration of the event is about 45 minutes. It is a colourful event you must watch whenever you visit London in May.

2. Open-Air Theatre

It will interest you to know that London is a place for a spectacular view. The regents park open-air theatre is a special series that takes place and leverages the weather condition with the theatre honour in London.

From mid-May, outdoor theatre commences and continues till summer.

3. Parliament State Opening

Parliament State Opening

The parliament state opening is a traditional procession that has a long history. It is when you watch King Charles III, the King of England, travel from his home in Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

The King then moves to the building of the House of Parliament to open the new session. Taking part in this age-long epoch-making ceremony is something you will be happy to be part of.

Where should I visit on a rainy day in London in May?

1. London Museums

London Museums

Once your weather app shows rain is about to fall, plan to go to the best London galleries or London museums.

Whether you are interested in science, art, or history, there are various things in the neighbourhood to enjoy.

You have various options, like Tate Modern, the British Museum, the Kensington Museum of Natural History, the National Gallery, and the Science Museum.

There is no entry fee attached. Thus, you have free access to the facility with no entry fees.

2. West End Show

West end theatre is a show that chases any form of rain away. It is a paid show that can make you feel the celebration of the season. We advise you to avoid the last-minute purchase of the ticket.

You can visit the Encore Box office some hours before the show's commencement to buy your tickets and start your sightseeing pass.

3. Tower of London

Tower of London London in May

The epic Tower of London has a long history of touring. It's one of the most popular attractions sights you need to visit with family and friends.

Plan your London trip that includes a visit to London Tower. A visit to the Tower is free when you use London sightseeing Pass.

How do you get around London in May?

How do you get around London in May

There are various means of transportation in London for visitors and residents. You can choose from buses, the London tube, cabs, to boats.

You can figure out the cheapest and most efficient one to explore London. Some people plan lifeguard match to suit their family-friendly activities.

Visitors and locals mostly use the London Underground to move around London. There are nine zones in the city. This can affect the price you pay for a single journey.

However, the London underground covers all the places a visitor intends to see, including Heathrow Airport.

If you intend to go to Watford from London to see the Great Missenden or the Harry Potter Studio Tour, you need an actual train instead of a tube train. The national rail trains take people across the city at varying prices.

You can easily buy the tickets online before time or order them online and collect them at the major train stations. Some buses take people from central London to Paul's cathedral.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is May A Good Time To Visit London?

Yes, May is a fantastic time to visit London. With spring in full swing, the city comes alive with blooming flowers, longer daylight hours, and pleasant temperatures.

You can enjoy outdoor activities, explore beautiful parks and gardens, and experience the city's vibrant atmosphere without the peak summer crowds.

Is London Crowded In May?

London can be relatively busy in May, especially during weekends and public holidays. However, compared to the peak summer months, the crowds are generally more manageable.

If you prefer a slightly quieter experience, try to plan your visits to popular attractions during weekdays or consider exploring off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods to escape the larger crowds.

Is London Better In May Or September?

Both May and September offer unique experiences in London. May showcases the arrival of spring with blossoming flowers and pleasant weather, while September marks the transition to autumn with milder temperatures and potentially fewer tourists.

The choice between the two months depends on personal preferences. May offers a vibrant atmosphere and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor events, while September provides a more relaxed ambiance and potentially lower accommodation rates.

How Many Days In London Is Enough?

To truly experience the highlights of London, it is recommended to spend at least 4-5 days in the city.

This timeframe allows you to visit the iconic landmarks, explore world-class museums, discover diverse neighborhoods, and savor the local cuisine.

However, London offers a wealth of attractions and activities, so if your schedule permits, consider extending your stay to fully immerse yourself in the city's rich culture, history, and vibrant atmosphere.

Conclusion - London in May

London is a great city every visitor worldwide wants to spend their vacation. Spending a vacation or holiday in London in May is exciting because it's spring.

There are many funs and activities to enjoy. Moreover, it is a period of holidays when families visit London to participate in events or other events.

As you visit London's top attractions, there are fun things, live music, and street food stalls with delicious meals to satisfy your cravings. We have fantastic places to visit in London for sightseeing.

Some places to tour are botanical art, the globe theatre, tower bridge, the London Eye, London Zoo, regent's park, and museums. These places are going to make your stay in London in May a remarkable one.

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