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Published on April 24, 2023

If there's ever been a meal that makes you feel like you've come home, it has to be the Sunday roast - especially if you are British.

Sunday roasts are legendary in London, with beef dripping roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, Yorkshire pudding, spit-roasted chicken, and all the trimmings you'd expect.

If you are on the hunt for a filling Sunday lunch, don't skip our list featuring the Best Sunday Roast London.

What is a London Sunday Roast?

When you think of quintessentially British culinary traditions, there's one classic dish that undeniably steals the spotlight - the London Sunday Roast.

A tradition steeped in history, going back centuries, the Sunday roast is a cherished ritual, a hearty meal that gathers families around the dining table and celebrates the end of the week with aplomb.

A typical Sunday roast, which you'll find across London, consists of tender, juicy roasted meat, which could be anything from beef, chicken, lamb, or pork, served alongside a medley of vegetables - usually roasted potatoes, carrots, and peas - and generously doused in a rich, flavorful gravy.

But why stop at a Sunday roast? Transform your weekend into a complete wellness experience with a Girls Day Out in London at one of the city's top day spas.

A standout feature is the Yorkshire pudding, a type of savory, airy pastry made from a simple batter of eggs, flour, and milk or water, baked until it's golden and crisp on the outside, with a soft and slightly gooey interior.

But the Sunday roast in London is more than just a meal. It’s a cultural institution, a testament to the city’s gastronomic history, and a reflection of the warmth and camaraderie of London's culinary landscape.

For Londoners and tourists alike, indulging in a Sunday roast is a rite of passage, an essential component of the London experience.

The 9 Best Sunday Roast London

Indulge in the epitome of a traditional British culinary experience with our roundup of the 9 best Sunday roast spots in London.

From tender roasted meats to delectable Yorkshire puddings and mouthwatering accompaniments, these establishments offer a delectable array of flavors to satisfy your Sunday cravings.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and embark on a delicious journey through the finest Sunday roast destinations in the capital.

1. The White Swan

The White Swan

Credit: The White Swan

The White Swan has been operating since the 1700s, tucked away near the river. There is a pleasant log fire burning on cold dogs, and the friendly waitstaff serves a warm Sunday roast on the weekend.

The menu includes a slow-roasted pork belly with roast potatoes, roast lamb, beef sirloin, or half a chicken with vegetables. Everything is served with Yorkshire puddings and onion gravy, of course.

End your meal with a traditional sticky toffee pudding, and you'll feel as though you are back at your grandmother's house.

Address: The White Swan, Harborne Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 3TT


2. The Camberwell Arms

The Camberwell Arms

Credit: The Camberwell Arms

The Camberwell Arms is run by two adventurous beer experts who offer a delectable Sunday roast dinner. You won't find the usual cauliflower cheese, roasted carrots, and bread sauce on the menu here.

Instead, picture Jerusalem artichokes served up with smoked cod's roe, grilled pork collar with crispy roast potatoes, half a spit roast chicken served with chili schmaltz yogurt, grilled Welsh saddleback with apple ketchup, or lamb dished up with seasonal veg and Italian greens.

The pub has an intimate feel, and many of the items on their Sunday roast menu are available to share.

Address: 65 Camberwell Church St, London SE5 8TR, United Kingdom


3. The Bull and Gate

The Bull and Gate Best Sunday Roast London

Credit: The Bull and Gate

Is there anything better than walking into a cozy pub on a cold day and tucking into a classic Sunday roast? The Bull and Gate offer plenty of warming meals, including truffle soup, confit duck legs, and smoked mackerel nicoise.

Meats include a braised and roast pork belly with apple sauce, gammon and mustard croquette, ox cheeks, and a chicken stuffed with apple and sage.

Vegetarians will be delighted with their Sunday lunch menu, which includes a nut roast with beetroot puree, roasted potatoes, and a huge Yorkshire pudding, or a mushroom, chard, and smoked seitan Wellington.

Address: 389 Kentish Town Rd, London NW5 2TJ, United Kingdom


4. The Peasant

If you are on the hunt for a decent Sunday Roast in London, swing by The Peasant.

This traditional Victorian pub offers a stellar Sunday roast with all the trimmings, including a topside of Dedham Vale beef served with homemade horseradish sauce, marinated crispy pork belly with apple sauce, free-range chicken, and all of the trimmings, including roast carrots, rich gravy, fluffy roast potatoes, and veg. 

Vegetarians and vegans can enjoy a butternut squash wellington served with braised red cabbage and honey-glazed carrots. Yorkshire puddings come standard, of course.

Address: 240 St John St, London EC1V 4PH, United Kingdom


5. CUT at 45 Park Lane

CUT at 45 Park Lane turns your average Sunday roast into a five-star affair. Sunday lunches start with freshly-baked bread rolls and butter, light salads or soup with caviar, and beef steak tartar.

You are given two options for your roast, either roast beef with potatoes and Wagyu dripping or a nut roast with Yorkshire puddings and truffle roast potatoes.

Finish your meal with a decadent chocolate or date tart, vanilla ice cream and crumble, or a selection of fine cheeses. 

It may be the most expensive Sunday roast in London, but it's absolutely worth it.

Address: 45 Park Ln, London W1K 1PN, United Kingdom

6. The Jugged Hare

This incredible gastropub offers delicious, quality Sunday roasts in a cozy setting. You'll need to choose between a 45-day aged Longhorn beef dished up with lashings of horseradish cream, a roast pork belly with apple sauce, or a whole roast chicken with sage stuffing and bread sauce.

If you like something gamier, try the Wild Suffolk muntjac served with minted game jus. All their roasts are served with a generous Yorkshire pudding, duck fat roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and rich gravy.

Address: 49 Chiswell St, London EC1Y 4SA, United Kingdom


7. Marksman

The Marksman on Hackney Road is a sophisticated pub with polished oak and green leather seats and striking modern decor.

The food is every bit as trendy and over-the-top as the atmosphere, with large servings of Hereford beef rump, giant Yorkshire puddings, entire roast chickens, and wing ribs served with roasties, red wine gravy, and buttered greens. 

End your meal with a signature brown butter and honey tart, and don't leave without ordering something from the amazing wine list.

Address: 254 Hackney Rd, London E2 7SB, United Kingdom

Website: Marksman Public House

8. Quality Chop House

Chop houses first started cropping up around the late 1600s as casual restaurants began specializing in cuts or chops of meat.

The Quality Chop House is over 150 years old but offers a stylish menu with modern options for Sunday dinners. 

The set Sunday menu includes an Aberdeen Angus rump, a horseradish creme fraiche Mangalitza collar, a generous Suffolk lamb shoulder for two, or a Brixham turbot served in smoked butter sauce.

Veggies can enjoy herb and butter-roasted celeriac. Meals are served with spuds, bashed roots, broccoli, and green sauce or confit potatoes.

For dessert, enjoy Capezzana olive oil ice cream, rhubarb and almond tarts, buttermilk panna cotta or cheese, jelly, and crackers.

Address: 92-94 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R 3EA, United Kingdom


9. Hawksmoor Seven Dials

The ever-popular Hawksmoor restaurant is expanding all over London, which is good news for Sunday roast lovers.

You can buy an incredible lunch for just £26, including British-reared beef rump fired over charcoal and finished in the oven, paired with potatoes cooked in beef dripping and served with greens and sweet roasted shallots, with lashings of roasted bone marrow gravy.

Patrons are warned to arrive early as roasts are often sold out well before 5 pm.

Address: 11 Langley St, London WC2H 9JG, United Kingdom


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Britain's Favorite Sunday Roast?

Britain's favorite Sunday roast is traditionally roast beef, served with Yorkshire pudding, a delicious variety of vegetables like roasted potatoes, carrots and peas, and of course, doused in a generous helping of rich, hearty gravy.

However, other meats such as chicken, lamb, and pork are also popular choices.

Every family has their personal favorite, but roast beef, as an enduring symbol of British gastronomy, tends to hold a special place at the Sunday table.

What Time Do Londoners Eat Sunday Roast?

The typical time to indulge in a Sunday roast is around midday to early afternoon, generally between 12 pm and 3 pm.

This timing originated from the idea of cooking the roast while the family attended Sunday morning services, hence it would be ready by the time they returned home.

Nowadays, the time can vary based on individual schedules and preferences, with some establishments even serving Sunday roasts into the evening.

What Goes With A Sunday Roast?

A traditional Sunday roast is a harmonious symphony of flavors and textures, all complementing one another. It typically includes a choice of roasted meat such as beef, lamb, chicken, or pork.

This is accompanied by a delightful assortment of vegetables - roasted potatoes are a must, along with carrots, peas, and often, parsnips.

The star of the show is the Yorkshire pudding, a soft, airy, savory pastry that soaks up the gravy beautifully. Finally, a generous pouring of thick, rich gravy ties all the elements together.

Some families may also include stuffing, bread sauce, or cranberry sauce, depending on the meat being served.

For dessert, it's common to enjoy a classic British pudding like apple crumble, sticky toffee pudding, or a slice of fruitcake, paired with a steaming cup of tea or coffee.


If you are in the mood for a Sunday lunch without slaving over a hot stove for hours, you can rely on these incredible restaurants and pubs to make you feel as though you are eating a roast at your mom's house. Whether you love modern twists, vegan options, or traditional fare, London will not let you down.

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