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Published on July 31, 2023

Over the last decade, Londoners have exhibited a growing interest in Australian cuisine. The metropolis has fallen in love with Australia's fresh approach to dining, yearning for more plant-based, veggie-laden dishes. 

Australian foods, which have been influenced by a variety of countries, are typically associated with brunch.

And deservedly so: from shakshuka to chili and maple celeriac toast, London's Antipodean brunch culture is massive. However, this meal is more than just brunch. 

There's not much the Aussies can't accomplish when it comes to sophisticated lunch dishes, exquisite wines, and sumptuous desserts. Continue reading this article to learn about the best Australian restaurants in London. 

9 Best Australian Restaurants in London

Discover a blend of multicultural influences, fresh ingredients, and unique flavors in the city's finest Australian restaurants.

Whether you're craving a traditional Aussie barbecue, sumptuous seafood, or innovative vegan dishes, our curated list of the 9 best Australian restaurants in London caters to all. Let's dive into the delicious world of Australian cuisine right here in London.

1. Antipodea

Antipodea Australian restaurant in London

Photo via Antipodea website

Antipodea, as the name implies, is all about Australia. At its Kew and Richmond locations, the all-day brasserie changes from a laid-back brunch spot to a stylish nighttime dining area. 

Try the robata grilled beef or unwind with a pizza and a glass of Australian wine from the large wine list. Desserts include Australian favorites such as Anzac cookies.

We enjoy the Tim Tam frappe and pavlova, as well as the fact that a different flavored Lamington is available every day. 

Antipodea is exciting and novel. The staff is always willing to accommodate dietary restrictions, and the trendy furnishings will make your dining experience feel exceptional. 

Address: 30 Hill Street, Richmond, London

2. Granger & Co.

Granger and Co Pavilion Rd

Photo via Granger & Co.

Granger & Co., another brunch hotspot, first debuted in Sydney in 1993. It quickly became famous for its legendary breakfasts, which were served from a big communal table, attracting both travelers and residents.

Since then, Bill Granger, the company's owner, has opened new locations all over the world, including Seoul, Tokyo, and London. 

It's easy to see why this place has been so successful. The menu is packed with crowd-pleasing items.

The grilled cheese and green kimchi open sandwich (filled with umami and ridiculously cozy) and the soft-shell crab topped with chorizo and kimchi fried rice are two of our favorites. 

The ricotta hotcakes (complete with banana and honeycomb butter) are hard to beat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The service is always friendly, and the environment is relaxed. It's ideal for a leisurely lunch and catching up with friends.

Address: 237 Pavilion Road London

3. Wander

Wander Australian Restaurants in London

Photo via Wander

Stoke Newington in North London is known for its vibrant restaurant culture, and you can get food from all over the world here, so it's no surprise that Alexis Noble founded her restaurant Wander in Stokey after traveling throughout America, Asia, and Europe. 

She's worked at a variety of high-end Sydney restaurants, and her new restaurant boasts an ever-changing menu with inventive dishes like toast with whipped Vegemite butter, fish crudo, and pea and feta ravioli.

Her travels influenced the design of the neighborhood restaurant, which is a cozy space adorned with artwork from friends, barewood furniture, and stunning ceramics.

Address: 214 Stoke Newington High St N16 7HU

4. Beany Green Broadgate circle

Beany Green Broadgate Circle

Photo via OpenTable website

Beany Green, part of the oh-so-pretty Daisy Green collection and located in lovely Broadgate Circle, is much more than a spot to get a fast salad between meetings.

It's designed with two coffee hatches, so there's always a bustle about the place, and it serves up Australian-inspired cuisine, fresh juices, and some of the greatest coffee we've managed to get our hands on. 

If you have the time, come here to enjoy the presentation of the meal and the ambiance, as well as the fresh ingredients and delectable combinations.

Address: 41 Broadgate, London EC2M 2QS, United Kingdom

5. Lantana café Shoreditch

Lantana Café Shoreditch

Photo via Lantana Café

Lantana Café advertises itself as a "slice of Australia in London." It truly delivers on this tone. Lantana, which opened in 2008, was a pioneer in London's Antipodean artisan café sector. 

The atmosphere is lovely - contemporary but welcoming - and the brunch and breakfast dishes are legendary.

There's something for everyone, from the 'Veg Big Bubble Benedict' (bubble 'n squeak with mushrooms, poached egg, grilled halloumi, and sriracha hollandaise) to the brioche french toast (stuffed with apple and pear compote and finished with a hazelnut and sesame crumb).

Address: 44-46 Southwark St, London, SE1 1UN

6. The pear tree

The Pear Tree australian restaurant in london

Photo via The Pear Tree

The Pear Tree is a neighborhood restaurant inspired by Australia, with a grab-and-go deli for when you need some Aussie pleasure on the go.

Choose a sit-down meal to fully explore the delicious cuisine, which includes everything from a fresh salmon gravadlax starter to robata grill surf 'n' turf. 

The sunny, beautiful setting in Surrey Quays is as appealing for brunch or dinner, and The Pear Tree's dishes incorporate plenty of healthful veggies, Australian style.

A collection of independent restaurants and bars serving food and drinks with an Australian flair can be found around London.

Address: The Pear Tree @ Greenland Place, Yeoman Street, London, SE8 5ER

7. Daisy Green Collection

Daisy Green Collection

Photo via Daisy Green Collection

Every place has a distinctive atmosphere. The Daisy Green Collection captures the inventive and vivacious spirit of Australian cuisine with its art-filled interiors and spectacular floating cafe docked right outside Paddington Station.

This brand is a remarkable example of Australian culinary culture in the center of the British metropolis, with eye-catching floating barges and lively cafés in gorgeous locales including Riverside Green, Marylebone, and Soho.

There are many delectable selections on their menu. Their famous Smashed Avo served on charcoal toast is a standout; it's a delectable concoction of tastes that will have you going back for more.

Address: 20 Seymour Street, Marylebone W1H 7HX

8. Milk beach

Milk Beach Australian restaurant in London

Photo via Milk Beach

A natural wine bar and a café from Australia the Restaurant Milk Beach, which takes its name from a beach in Sydney Harbour National Park, serves breakfast every day and a small-plate dinner menu from Wednesday through Sunday starting at 6 p.m. 

Milk Beach, like all fine Australian restaurants, lets the ingredients shine in dishes like orecchiette in spinach and garlic sauce with cured egg yolk, white anchovies and sourdough croutons, tuna tartare, and mashed avocado with green goddess sauce. 

The specialty coffee can be traced back to the farm or cooperative, and all wines are acquired from small, independent producers.

Address: Ilona Rose House, Manette Street, W1D 4AL, UK

9. Farm girl café

Farm Girl Café restaurant

Photo via Farm Girl Café

Farm Girl Café offers a variety of wholesome and enticing food, bringing the philosophy of Australian healthy living to London.

Their swanky, rustic cafés in Chelsea, Soho, and Notting Hill provide a menu full of dishes made with organic and regional ingredients and can accommodate a variety of dietary needs.

They serve robust Green Turkish Eggs with warmed spinach and a thick leek and olive sauce, as well as decadent Strawberry Lime Pancakes.

The Farm Girl Café is renowned for its assortment of super lattes, each of which has its health advantages.

These drinks provide a fantastic way to start the day or a perfect afternoon pick-me-up, ranging from the mood-enhancing butterfly matcha, created from blue matcha and almond milk to the antioxidant-rich matcha latte.

Address: 59a Portobello Rd, W11 3DB

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Australian Food Culture?

The food culture in Australia is an exciting blend of global influences, fresh produce, and a daring spirit of culinary adventure.

Australians are known to embrace a diverse range of meats including, but not limited to, beef, chicken, and lamb.

However, what sets Australian cuisine apart is the adventurous addition of exotic meats such as kangaroo, emu, snake, and crocodile.

These unique meats are often integrated into dishes in ways that mirror Australia's multicultural fabric and adventurous spirit.

Who Is The Famous Australian Chef In London?

One of the most revered Australian chefs in London is undoubtedly Skye Gyngell.

Although she was born in Australia, she has made London her home, making a significant impact on its culinary scene.

Skye Gyngell is renowned for her innovative approach to cooking and her ability to craft dishes that beautifully harmonize taste, texture, and presentation.

Her contributions to London's gastronomy have solidified her status as an influential figure in the industry.

Where Do Australians Go In London?

Australians in London have been known to gravitate towards a particular area in South London, often humorously referred to as "Little Australia".

This moniker arose from a long-standing joke that Australians who are single when they turn 25 inevitably end up there.

Earl's Court, in particular, has historically been known as "Kangaroo Valley" due to the large Australian population.

However, while Earl's Court remains a popular hub, the Australian diaspora in London has been increasingly spreading to other areas in recent years.

Conclusion - Australian Restaurants London

These places bring a sense of Down Under to the heart of London, from the genuine flavors of Australian food to the welcoming friendliness. 

Australian restaurants provide locals and tourists alike with a great dining experience with their lively ambiance and tasty meals.

You're sure to have a delicious breakfast, brunch, or supper at one of these Australian restaurants in London.

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