9 Best Korean Restaurants in London

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Published on August 29, 2023

The metropolitan London city, hands down, is home to many versatile cuisines, and Korean food is no longer an exception.

It is not only the exclusive flavorful richness but how incredibly it symbolizes their cultural diversity that makes Korean delicacies the TALK of the town. 

For London dwellers or tourists wanting their first shot at Korean food, an unforgettable experience, these 9 Best Korean Restaurants in London mentioned below have dining menus enough drool-worthy to hook you up for a lifetime.

The 9 Best Korean restaurants in London

Korean cuisine, with its harmonious blend of spicy, sweet, and umami, finds a thriving home in the heart of the UK.

These 9 standout Korean restaurants in London are a testament to the rich tapestry of flavors and textures that Seoul's culinary treasures bring to the table.

From sizzling barbecue dishes to comforting bowls of kimchi stew, each venue promises a genuine taste of Korea, paired with the ambiance to match.

Eager to indulge in a gastronomic journey to the Best Korean Restaurants in London? Step this way and let the flavors lead you.

1. Dotori

Dotori Korean Restaurant

Photo via The Infatuation

You can count on Dotori as the finest choice of eatery for people fond of fusion cuisine.

Specializing in exotic delicacies made with a unique mix of Japanese and Korean cuisine offers just a perfect flavorful affair for diners. 

Along with the fusion meals, their menu also never misses out on authentic Korean dishes, from traditional kimchi and tangy barbeque with gochujang sauce to bokkeumbap (fried rice with spicy topping).

Just to add more points, Dotori, with a whole range of Asian, Japanese, and Korean cuisine, is quite an affordable place to dine out with family.

Address: 3 Stroud Green Road, Wood Green N4 2DQ

2. Jin’s Kitchen

Jins Kitchen

Photo via Tonzo UK

It is unusual for a cafeteria-style dining place like Jin’s Kitchen to be making it to the top among the best restaurants in London, but their specialty in Korean grub says it all!

Not to forget, their mind-blown range of Korean soups tempts people to come over to this cozy setup restaurant again and again.

Whatever Korean barbeque one wishes for, Jin’s Kitchen makes sure you have it with a homemade-like taste, that too at a reasonable price.

Give this restaurant a go, and you’ll never regret munching its quality meal, especially its list of Korean soups made with freshly picked vegetables, meat broth, and noodles.

Address: 232 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8EG

3. On the Bab

On The Bab

Photo via Samphire and Salsify

Depicting the Korean word Bab, this dining spot is everyone’s favorite to get served with a perfect combo of Korean street food and ever-green cocktails.

On the Bab serves some of the best spicy, juicy, and euphoric Korean fried chicken and prawn-filled buns with mouth-watering sauces that further salivate your foodie self.

Among loads of Korean recipes, seaweed toasted salad, Bulgogi burger, veggies fritters, and hot kimchi are some other finger-licking highlights of this restaurant.

Having two jam-packed restaurant branches in Covent Garden and Shoreditch, the On the Bab menu is filled with Korean dishes one could ever ask for.

Address: 9 Ludgate Broadway, Moorgate EC4V 6DU.

4. Olle

Olle Korean restaurant in London

Photo via RollinJoint

Want to go to an eatery with great aesthetics to capture beautiful moments while having lunch?

Try this Korean restaurant Olle, it puts up a perfect show to let you post it on your Instagram story.

Every barbeque delight, from bulgogi and jjajangmyeon to Korean stew, cooks in front of you and serves hot in a built-in pan fryer.

You can also pair those barbeque dishes with noodles, pancakes, and sausages.

Address: 88 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 6NG

5. Jin Go Gae

Jin Go Gae

Photo via TimeOut

This Korean restaurant located at the epicenter of Europe’s biggest Korean community, i.e., New Malden, offers a great deal, especially in smearing spice-filled best Korean barbeque.

Treat yourself with potato soup or mandu as a starter, beef sashimi as an appetizer, and then move to the main course platter high on kimchee and steaks.

This restaurant is greatly famous for its soup and broth varieties. In case you don’t know where Jin Go Gae in New Malden is located! 

Address: 272 Burlington Road, New Malden KT3 4NL

6. Koba

Koba Best Korean Restaurants in London

Photo via Thatsup London

The high-end Korean cuisine Koba has been getting appreciated since 2005 and will never disappoint even the pickiest eaters.

Their barbeque meats are deliciously flavored, while savory delights such as stew, crispy pancakes, and Korean dumplings are swoon-worthy to enjoy west-side Korean cuisine.

Whatever delicacies you seek, Koba follows a tradition to make people have their Korean hits served with stoned bowls of rice-based dishes.

At the center of Fitzrovia district, near Tottenham court road, Koba is surely the strongest player to attract tourists with cravings for Korean food.

Address: 11 Rathbone Street, London W1T 1NA

7. Daebak

Daebak Korean Restaurant in London

Photo via Vauxhall London

Daebak is a Korean word meaning marvelous, and looking at the positive reviews for their Korean cuisine by both locals and tourists, we certainly know why it is named that way.

Some of Daebak’s highly rated chicken Korean recipes include fried rice with honey mustard sauce, spring onion toppings, nyem chicken, and dumplings.

Other traditional favorites like ramen, bulgogi, kimchee, and bibimbap are another reason this Korean restaurant is always a first choice for people.

Despite providing a superior quality dine-in experience, Daebak comes with decent prices, making it more worth visiting.

Another impressive aspect of Daebak is its range of Japanese cuisine, from Katsu curry and Teriyaki to the ever-popular Sushi.

Address: 316-318 Kennington Lane, Herne Hill SE11 5HY

8. Chung’dam


Photo via TimeOut

Named after quite an auspicious foodie district, Seoul, Chung’dam is one popular Korean restaurant Soho residents have ever been to, thanks to the brain behind this beauty, a well-known restauranter Jay Choi.

One big specialty of Chung’dam is its Pyeonbeak meat box, having broth at the bottom to steam boxes of seafood, beef, and ribeye mixed with veggies.

The sophisticated setup of grills takes the limelight of diners while smearing beautifully cut beef pieces from Angus rib eye to wafer-like beef briskets.

If this wasn’t enough convincing, this Korean restaurant in Soho also has a karaoke room that will make your visit all the more special.

Address: 35-36 Greek Street, Soho, London

9. BiBimBap


Photo via The London Foodie

Isn’t it easy to guess what’s so special this Korean restaurant has in its magical hat? BiBimBap is one Korean national dish they made with pure love while keeping its novelty intact to instill the same aroma and sizzling warmth people craved.

You will be served BiBimBap in a stone bowl of mixed rice topped with fillet steaks, juicy grilled chicken, seafood, kimchi, and extra spicy Gochujang with miso as a dipping sauce.

Though BiBimBap is a dish they are widely applauded for, their diversity goes beyond and contains everything from squads and dumplings to Korean fried noodles.

You’ll find BiBimBap in multiple locations with a takeaway point on Cannon Street.

Address: 11 Greek Street, London W1D 4DJ

Bottom line

So, here it ends – our top pick for restaurants in London offering great varieties of Korean food from side table barbeque to traditional full-nutrition course meals.

The fun part is irrespective of which eatery you choose, each claim to fame is their successful attempt to serve Korean dishes without compromising on the distinctive flavor profile and a blend of traditional Seoul herbs and spices.

Now, if you are done with this article, it’s time to go and satiate your growling stomach with scrumptious Korean delights from any of these Korean restaurants. Happy eating!


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