April 24, 2023
Hermillis Haden

The timeless city of London in April is a must-see for everyone because it is phenomenal; for many reasons.

Starting from the history, the culture, the architecture, London art, and the ever-present bubbling excitement of big ben, London is a place to be in the summer.

By early April in London, spring is fully settled. People from all over, especially the UK, take a trip to enjoy the spring weather with live music in places like kew gardens after experiencing harsh winter.

The month of April in London is not only special for the weather and sun but for the many festivals and holidays for the whole family to enjoy the nine zones of London.

What happens in London in April

Important events and holidays such as Easter, Easter weekend, Easter Sunday, and St George's Day (St George is the patron saint of England, popularly known for slaying a dragon) happen in April.

London in April also entails a whole lot of sports and games. Quite a few of the major sports of the year fall in April. Events like the London Marathon and the historic Oxford versus Cambridge regatta occur.

What happens in London in April

The London Marathon takes runners around the city, including some top attractions. People often cheer on the participants during this course and enjoy the festive and exciting atmosphere.

Needless to say that these events are two of the biggest sports events of the whole year. London boasts over a hundred tourist attractions, 9 million inhabitants, and over thirty-five million tourists annually. It is the tourist season in London.

If you happen to be in London in April, there are many free things that you should take the time to enjoy and experience.

Let's talk about the 10 best things you should try when visiting London in April

Some fun things to try on your visit to London in April

Here is a selection of the best things you should try if you visit London in April. This is not to set a limit but to give you a glimpse into all the fun London has to offer in April

1. The Tower of London

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is a castle rich in history. It is situated in Central London on the north bank of the River Thames.

It was built in 1066; this castle has been proven to be a rock of power in the history of the British and Europeans for almost a millennium, and for this reason, was declared a World Heritage Site.

The Tower of London is officially the Royal Palace of Her Majesty the Queen. Visiting the tower of London is a fun and educative experience.

2. Ride the London eye

Ride the London eye

The best picture spot? Yeah, this is it. This is the best place to enjoy the full 360° view of the City. You can take amazing pictures of the beautiful skyline of London.

And if you want to enjoy the view of the city lit up, you need to find your way here at night.

The London Eye has its history from 2000 when it was first opened, was recognized, and earned the 'Millennium wheel' title.

It has one of the world's largest Ferris wheels and boasts a height of 135 m, proving it to be the tallest in Europe until 2006 when it became the tallest in the world.

If you are in London in April, the whole experience of riding the London eye will leave you speechless.

3. Visit St Paul's cathedral

Visit St Pauls cathedral

St Paul's cathedral is known to be the second largest cathedral in the world, the first being St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. St Paul's cathedral boasts its 111-meter-high dome.

Climb this dome to the top, and you'll be rewarded with one of the best views of Central London.

Or you could choose to go down to the crypt, where you'll find the resting place of the remains of Nelson, the Duke of Wellington.

St Paul's cathedral is one of the greatest exhibitions. If you do visit in April, be sure to celebrate Easter there.

4. Cross Tower Bridge

Cross Tower Bridge

Surely, you've heard of this bridge, and if you haven't, here's a little back story. It got its name for its proximity to the tower of London. It is the most famous bridge yet in London.

You can enjoy the workings of the steam engine, which will take you to the top, where you can walk on a walkway made from glass and, of course, enjoy the beautiful views.

5. Visit Buckingham Palace

Visit Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace has been in the British royal family for many centuries. Today, it is beautified with elegant lights, furniture, and exhibitions of the royal collection of treasures. Buckingham palace is a place to visit.

6. Stroll through Hyde Park

Stroll through Hyde Park

Strange or boring as it may seem at first thought, a walk in the park is quite fulfilling.

This is not just because it is the largest and most famous park in London, but because of the stunning views such as the lake, the rose gardens and of course, the Kensington palace which demands a whole exploration on its own.

Hyde Park is one of London's attractions. Try a stroll in Hyde Park, and you'll be glad you did

7. See Harry Potter's London

See Harry Potter London

If you visit with children or generally want to have a good time, harry potter tours are one of the most fun things you must do. You will have a great time visiting places that inspired the story or buying souvenirs.

8. See a musical performance at the West-End

musical performance at the West-End

Everyone has to see a London musical at least once in their lifetime! London's West End offers the best musicals. One of the best ones is the Phantom of the Opera. It will be an experience to live for.

The best thing about these musicals is you don't even need to know English to enjoy them; the music and staging will speak more than words.

9. Celebrate Book Day in Honour of Shakespeare

Celebrate Book Day

It just so happens that 23 April is Book day. What other way to spend this day than to celebrate in honour of one of the greatest English authors in history?

If you happen to be in London on this day, check out every stall in Trafalgar square and visit every important bookshop in London.

10. Visit Westminster Abbey

Visit Westminster Abbey

The abbey served in past years as the coronation site for the British monarchs and has been since 1066. It is called the "Church of the Royal Family".

There are lots of activities in Westminster Abbey, all of which you will enjoy.

11. Explore the National Gallery

Explore the National Gallery

The art gallery is home to impressive collections of historically rich paintings by renowned artists like Michelangelo, Van Gogh, and many others.

See art in all its glory and explore the hidden gems of the National Gallery.

Clothes ideas to wear to London in April

Clothes ideas to wear to London in April

London weather in April can be a bit unpredictable, with an average temperature of 15°C, so it's important to dress relatively warm to adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day. Here are some clothes ideas if you want to take a trip to London in April:

  1. Light jackets or coats in warmer weather

  2. A Scarf to keep you warm

  3. Good walking shoes

  4. Jeans

  5. Sweaters

  6. Waterproof jacket or umbrella

  7. A hat

  8. Tote bag or cross-body bag

Remember to check the weather forecast before visiting London, as temperatures and weather conditions can change quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is April a good time to visit London?

Every time is a good time to visit London. However, if you want to explore London without having to worry about constant downpours and be able to enjoy warm weather? Then April is the time to visit

What season is it in April in London?

By April in London, spring has usually already set in. Although spring sometimes comes in around Late March. It is usually spring in London in April.

What do I wear in London in April?

It is advisable to dress warm, not necessarily in layers, as it is usually warm around this time

Exploring London in April is a one-of-a-kind life experience; daylight hours or nighttime, there's always an element of excitement. London has the leading chefs in its possession, so food is always top-notch.

Final Thoughts

London in April is undoubtedly a good time to explore London's beautiful and ancient city.

You can travel from one part of the city to another using major bus stops and train stations and enjoy the famous beer garden, rooftop bars and other fun activities like group outings that visit London in April, a good time to keep your family entertained.