April 24, 2023
Hermillis Haden

As the warm weather arrives in June, London prepares for summer events and festivals. If you are visiting London in June, be ready to enjoy the summer months as it exudes scenic beauty and exciting festivals, thanks to the pleasant winds, sunny days, and the occasional drizzle.

You will see the fun-loving side of the England capital as people head to the beach, enjoy the buzzing nightlife, and relax at cafes in the middle of the year.

Of its well-planned surrounding environments and rich history, London has some of the world's best architecture, art, and museums.

Keep reading to know more about what to do in central London, major train stations, Royal College, the Science museum, Hyde Park and other scenic places in London in June.

Is it a great time to visit London in June?

June is undoubtedly the best month to have a London tour, as the capital's coldest months are often miserable. Therefore, the beautiful weather is an excellent reason to visit London in June.

London is a marvel and a delight in June. The following are some of the reasons why you should visit London in June:

1. June is an excellent period for leisure travel since the influx of tourists to London hasn't quite peaked.

2. In June, the days are always longer in London, making sightseeing and travel more accessible.

3. Visiting London in June will enable you to participate in one weekend of various festivals, shows and fun things to keep you entertained.

4. Spring is in full effect in June, and it's possibly the best time to explore London's green spaces and flower beds and go for a walk.

visit London in June

Fun-filled things to do in London in June

1. View the Royal Ascot Horse Races

For five days of world-class racing, the world's finest trainers, racehorses, and riders descend on Britain's most popular sports meet.

The meeting, frequently attended by members of the Royal Family, includes a daily horse-drawn procession steered by the royal carriage from Windsor Castle to Ascot Racecourse.

The Gold Cup, Queen Anne Stakes, and Diamond Jubilee Stakes are among the races to watch. The meet and prize money total millions of pounds for the week, making it Britain's most valued race.

Attend and enjoy the world-renowned Royal Ascot horse meeting, which is rich in tradition, heritage car culture, and spectacle.

Royal Ascot Horse Races

2. Visit the ZSL London Zoo

The London Zoo helps bring you up close and personal with animals from various families and species. It is home to approximately 755 animal species.

You can have a view of the highly endangered Sumatran tigers or lions. Observe the movement patterns of the massive gorillas, enjoy the cute penguins diving into the water, get a thrill from the reptile zoo, and explore the life of rainforest living creatures.

3. The West End Theatre

West End Theatre

The West End Theatre is an important reminder to guests that London is a cultural centre. The West End is London's equivalent of Broadway.

Some numerous mythological plays and musicals have worked their way to the West End live, and if you visit London in June, you will have the opportunity to see some new releases.

Head to Trafalgar Square in mid-June for 2-days of free performances of major West End live musicals and shows. The many previous productions have been Frozen, The Lion King, Wicked, Hamilton, etc.

4. Participate in the Underbelly Festival

Underbelly Festival

The annual Underbelly Festival is a fun pop-up London festival in Cavendish Square and Early's Court. The events include live bands, live circus acts, stand-up comedy, cabarets, and a family-friendly show.

You can even try out the street food vendors on the Thames's banks or grab a tasty drink at the city's largest outdoor bar. Underbelly Fest is a must-see activity held in London in June.

5. Attend the Summer Exhibition

The Royal Academy of Arts hosts a contemporary art exhibition every year. Since 1769! It is the world's older open art submission exhibition, and anyone can submit work for consideration.

You'll find photography, sculpture, architecture, painting, and other mediums and established and emerging artists worldwide.

6. The London Tower Bridge

London Tower Bridge

This Victorian design marvel is London's most easily recognizable and imposing bridge. Despite being 120 years old, its neo-Gothic towers appear to have been a part of the city's skyline for centuries.

A steam-powered bascule system allows the bridge to be raised in 3 minutes flat, allowing large ships to pass through.

7. Attend a show at The O2 Arena

The O2, an arena for live music and a Greenwich landmark since 2000 is among London's most popular concert venues.

The O2 has hosted everyone, including Prince and Leonard Cohen, Tool, and Taylor Swift, with a capacity of 20,000 people for music festivals. As the visitor audience grows in June, the O2 Arena's events calendar becomes more star-studded.

8. Take a ride on the London Eye

London Eye

This huge Ferris-wheel-style observation pod, popular with children and adults, provides breathtaking city views. The skies are usually clear in June, offering the best chance of seeing London from its outskirts.

9. Take a Harry Potter tour

Fans of the Harry Potter films may want to take advantage of this opportunity to visit several notable filming locations. This service will allow you to see some film sets and get a nice behind-the-scenes peek at the wizarding world.

10. Experience the Taste of London

the Taste of London

The Taste of London is a food festival that features international chefs. This food-focused event is unrivalled among London's other food events.

Every palate is catered to, from Portuguese and Malaysian delicacies to Thai Farang and Argentinian cheesecakes. Restaurants and chefs all over the city offer their best menu items for this 5-day extravaganza.

People will love the Taste of London, where they can sample food from London's best restaurants while admiring the aesthetic of Regent's Park.

This London festival is one of the family-friendly activities that allow children to try a variety of new cuisines.

11. Go To a Free Museum in The Evening

Many museums in London have late-night hours. Complement a night out with a few cultures and art.

The British Museum, Tate Modern, and National Gallery are open on certain days after the sun has set. The majority of London museums that are open at night have free entry.

12. Celebrate Father's Day

Celebrate Fathers Day

On Father's Day, June 18th, spend the day honouring Dad. A River Thames boat trip could be ideal, and If you intend to take your dad out to dinner, make reservations well in advance.

13. Attend Trooping of the Colours

Attend Trooping of the Colours

This London event is a military occasion depicting how troops communicated using regimental colours. It's been done since the seventeenth century.

Soldiers, for example, reenact the protocol of a regiment's colours being among the only ways to let people know how and where to rally during combat confusion.

The royal family and renowned visitors attend this famous event. This is among the free events open to the public, making it a must-see on your London in June calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is visiting London expensive?

The total cost of your trip will vary depending on what you do in London in June. Overall, London is regarded as among the most expensive cities in the world. As a result, visiting London may not be an utterly inexpensive trip.

How hot it is in London in June?

In June, London isn't particularly hot. The average maximum temperature in London is about 16°C.

How many days in London is enough?

You'll need at least 4-5 days to see the major landmarks, get to know the city, and visit popular attractions. If you are visiting for the very first time, there are many London events in June that you can attend.

Is it windy in London in June?

In June, London experiences a mild breeze of about 24 km/h.

Conclusion - London in June

Along with the locations, the fun activities to do in London in June range from exploring the royal family's residence at Buckingham Palace to exploring significant landmarks such as the Tower of London and the national gallery.

You can ride on the city's double-decker bus, enjoy free things and attend other events like the O2 Arena event. Alternatively, you can go on a food tour. Your summer trip to London in June will provide you with numerous unmissable events and memorable experiences.