May 10, 2023
Hermillis Haden

From the 11th-century Tower of London to the 21st-century Shard, every structure in one of the world's best cities has a tale to tell.

You need to explore London in November to learn more about these legends when the UK's landmark music events are set against the dramatic backdrop of ominous black clouds.

The beautiful sceneries of iconic places such as the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, regent street, Young Vic, Oxford Street, Covent Garden, and Buckingham Palace as well as the entertainment you'll get from visiting the Oxford Circus, British Museum, Science Museum, and the London tube makes visiting London in November worthwhile.

In this article, you will learn more about what to anticipate in London and how to enjoy your vacation while visiting London in November.

So, What's Special About London in November?

November is a festive season in London. If you visit London in November, you won't be at a loss for exciting things to do such as the famous ice skating, since the city hosts several festive feasts and major events.

Guy Fawkes bonfire night, Remembrance Day, the EFG London Jazz Festival, and Winter Wonderland shows are just a few of the events that take place in London in November.

Special About London in November

Even when it's nice, the typical climate in Britain is notoriously unpredictable. However, London's typical November weather is gloomy and rainy.

You'll need raincoats and umbrellas, but the comfort of a warm pumpkin pie and mulled wine from street food vendors can transport you to a place of romance even amid a downpour.

The Christmas season always comes with festive cheer in late November. Thus, November is the best time to visit Christmas markets in London.

You will easily find a Christmas market to purchase beautiful and cheap Christmas lights in late November.

You can also take a walk on regent street to get a cup of afternoon tea with traditional Thanksgiving dishes of local food from street food vendors.

London in November: Weather Condition

If you prefer cold weather and want to avoid extremely sunny days, you should visit London in November.

Temperatures in London average around 12 degrees Celsius in mid-November, rising to an average high temperature of 13 degrees Celsius during the day and falling to a low of 2 degrees Celsius at night.

Rainfall in mid-November averages 63 millimeters, while daily sunlight totals are a mere 3 hours.

London in November: Places to Visit?

1. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Listen to an audio guide as you stroll the hallowed halls of Westminster Abbey, which have been frequented by monarchs, politicians, and commoners alike for a thousand years.

More than 3,300 notable Britons are buried at the St Paul's Cathedral, which has also hosted 16 royal weddings.

2. Windsor Castle

See the Queen's weekend residence, Windsor Castle. Forty-nine monarchs have called it home since William the Conqueror commissioned its construction in the 11th century.

To this day, it remains the world's largest and oldest continuously inhabited castle. From central London, a day trip will take you to Stonehenge, Oxford, and Windsor Castle.

3. London's iconic and imposing Tower

London Tower

The Tower of modern-day London has seen many fascinating changes since it was first constructed in 1078. The City of London and the River Thames are seen from here.

You may find out more about the castle's history as a dungeon, an armory, a treasury, and an animal park by taking the tour that focuses on the Royal Jewels and the tower bridge.

4. The Globe Theatre of Shakespeare

The Globe Theatre of Shakespeare

Shakespeare may have written a play about the rebirth of the Globe Theatre after it was destroyed by fire and gained a negative reputation.

Nowadays, the Globe Theatre offers tours for a massive audience interested in the cinematic spectacle, theatre shows, a heady mix of live music,  and Shakespeare history.

5. West End Theater

Visit the West End Theater of London in early November to enjoy art exhibitions, special events, and fantastic shows by world-class artists while you're there.

See a revival of a classic like The Lion King or The Phantom of the Opera.

6. Tate Britain

Tate Britain

This iconic building, which is the historic National Gallery of British Art on Millbank in London's City of Westminster, was known as the Tate Gallery from 1932 until 2000.

Like Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool, and Tate St. Ives, it is a part of the Tate gallery system in England.

It spans more than a century of artistic production, from early 20th-century modernism to cutting-edge pieces made right now.

Artists from all over the world, such as Pablo Picasso, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, and Jenny Holzer, have contributed to this category, which also includes their sculptures, contemporary prints, and collectible print works.

7. River Thames Tour

River Thames Tour

Go along the Southbank centre of the Thames River and see some of London's most well-known landmarks from the water.

Regent's Park, Warner Bros, Marylebone Church, Primrose Hill, the Houses of Parliament, Heathrow Airport, the London Eye, and many other famous London landmarks are all easily accessible from a river trip along the South bank.

Although most cruises depart in the mornings and afternoons during November, vessels that depart later in the day are heated to prevent passengers from getting chilled.

8. Fortress HMS Belfast

The HMS Belfast is both a well-known London landmark and a WWII-era ship.

During your tour of the decommissioned cruiser, you will see the nine decks where men formerly lived and battled for weeks at a time.

Explore the history of the conflict and examine some of the weapons used before Armistice Day.

9. London's Majestic Palaces

London Majestic Palaces

London is home to numerous magnificent palaces that are rich in history and culture.

You shouldn't leave London without visiting the Palaces of Hampton Court, Kensington, and the Banqueting House. Acquiring a London Palace pass could save you both time and money.

London in November: Events to Look Out For

Several events await you during your stay in London in November, these include:

1. November 5: The Big Night of Lights

In honor of Guy Fawkes Night, there is a rhyme that goes, "Remember, remember the fifth of November."

Kew Gardens, Hyde Park, God's Garden, Crystal Palace, Blackheath, Somerset House, and the national theatre are just some of the hotspots for a festive spirit.

Forest-like display and magnificent fireworks displays at bonfire night can be seen there. At these street fairs, families consume a lot of food and alcohol.

2. November 12: The EFG London Jazz Festival

EFG London Jazz Festival

The city's top jazz bands and vocalists will perform for the duration of the festival. Shows, concerts, and other events can be seen at the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, and Wigmore Hall.

3. November 12: The Lord Mayor's Show

On this day, the newly elected Mayor of London travels from the City of London to the Palace of Westminster to swear allegiance to the monarch.

Having begun in 1215, this celebration has continued each year since. A procession featuring 140 floats, 7,000 entertainers, and the Lord Mayor's Coach is held in its honor.

4. November 11–13: Remembrance Days in London

Remembrance Days in London

Remembrance Day is a commemoration of the lives lost during World War I. It is also known as Armistice Day and Poppy Day.

Londoners observe a moment of silence at 11 a.m. on November 11 and hold parades and musical performances all over the city on November 13, known as "Remembrance Sunday," to pay tribute to veterans and those who have died serving their country.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is London too cold in November?

Yes, London weather can get very cold in November. The temperature can drop to as low as 4 degrees Celsius.

2. Is November a good time to visit the UK?

Yes, November is a good time to visit the UK in preparation for Christmas.

3. What should I wear in London in November?

A warm coat, warm hat, gloves, and scarf are the main dressing essentials.

4. Is London Expensive in November?

No, flight, as well as the cost of living, is cheaper in November than in the summer months.


You're probably skeptical about spending your vacation in London in November. Will it be a hit or a miss? well, it's a big hit!

From beautiful sceneries of iconic buildings, fun activities like ice skating, travelling to places through major train stations to several Christmas shows, there's always something interesting to experience while staying in London in November.

So, spending your vacation with your loved ones in London in November is worth a memorable experience.