9 Best Bowling Alleys in London

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Published on August 20, 2023

London is renowned for its rich history, attractive places, and vintage architectural buildings. However, it has recently become a popular place for tenpin bowling lovers.

Whether you are a tourist, a Londoner, or a tenpin bowling enthusiast looking for a fun place to pass the time, London's bowling alleys are an excellent place to do so. 

These venues offer a unique mix of fun and competition for bowling enthusiasts. London's bowling alleys are the best, and they come packed with exciting experiences such as live music, arcades, pool tables, and bars. 

So if you are seeking a delightful way to spend your leisure hours, remember to visit these top 9 Best Bowling alleys in London.

Top 9 Best Bowling Places in London 

From the neon lights of retro-themed lanes to the upscale bowling lounges offering craft beers and gourmet food, London's bowling alleys are a great way to enjoy a casual yet fun date night or a night out with friends.

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Whether you're a seasoned bowler or a complete novice, these venues offer something for everyone and serve as a perfect backdrop for socializing and having a good time.

1. Rowans Tenpin Bowl

Rowans Tenpin Bowl

Photo via Rowans Tenpin Bowl

Located in Finsbury Park, the Rowan tenpin bowl features an eye-catching neon sign at the entrance that is easy to spot by the public.

Also, the iconic bowling alley has a family-friendly environment that accommodates the presence of both adults and children.

For children, the venue offers an array of kid meals. Adults, on the other hand, have a wide range of options to select from. Aside from bowling, the venue provides arcade games, pool play, karaoke, and live music.

Address: Rowans Tenpin Bowl, 10 Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, London N4 2DF

Website: Rowans Tenpin Bowl

2. Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl

Photo via Hollywood Bowl

With branches in Surrey Quays, Finchley, Tolworth, and The O2, the Hollywood Bowl is another iconic bowling alley home to the American diner where you can enjoy all kinds of food and drinks with your family and friends. 

Also, it features top-notch facilities like a toilet, 26 VIP bowling lanes, a comfy lounge, and a restaurant.  These exclusive VIP lanes prominently feature images of Harrison Ford and Marilyn Monroe. 

Address: Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX, United Kingdom

Website: Hollywood Bowl

3. Queen Skate Dine Bowl

Queen Skate Dine Bowl

Photo via Queen Skate Dine Bowl

Aside from its bowling, the queens skate dine bowl is renowned for its ice rink and MEATliquor. The queen skate bowl is one of the best bowling alleys in London.

The centre bowl alley has a party bar, quality food, and a pool table, making it a fun place for friends and family. 

As a family-friendly atmosphere, Queens Skate Dine Bowling Alley provides the opportunity for adults and children looking to hone their skills in ice skating and bowling.

Address:  QUEENS 17 Queensway, London, W2 4QP

Website: Queen Skate Dine Bowl

4. Tenpin Acton

Tenpin Acton

Photo via Tenpin Acton

As a tourist, Tenpin Acton is one of London's finest bowling alleys you can visit for fun. Located in Acton, the Tenpin Acton bowling alley has a lot of facilities.

It contains a sports bar, arcade games, a pool, a cafe, Houdini's escape room, a karaoke bar, and a virtual reality Mario Kart. 

Also, it offers additional features like hyper bowling and cosmic bowling to help lighten up the mood and elevate your bowling experience and excitement.

The venue is environmentally friendly for adults and children looking to have fun in one of London's best Bowling alleys.  

Address: Royale Leisure Park, Western Ave, London W3 0PA, United Kingdom

Website: Tenpin Acton

5. Strike Bowling

If you are looking for where to knock down tenpins, enjoy vintage beer, and savour good food. The strike is one of those places that can guarantee all three at the same time. 

Located in Wandsworth, the strike is home to Duckpin bowling, a game more challenging than the traditional game of bowling.

In Duckpin bowling, the pins, lanes, and balls are smaller, shorter, and lighter than those used in tenpin bowling.  

The venue is close to the UK's oldest brewery, and the action can get intense at night or during parties. It's an enjoyable destination to explore, especially on Sundays when they offer free lunches to all attendees. 

Address:  74 Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 4LB

Website: Strike Bowling

6. All-Star Lanes

All-Star Lanes Bowling Alleys in London

Photo via All-Star Lanes

There are branches of all-star lanes across the city in Brick Lane, Holborn, Stratford, and White City, featuring an American-inspired-themed experience with a blend of retro vibes and modern entertainment. 

Each location offers a range of exciting activities, including bowling, arcade games, and karaoke, making it a popular choice for locals and visitors seeking a lively and enjoyable time.

For a pleasant dining experience, each location provides classic American diner dishes such as mac'n'cheese, buttermilk fried chicken, and mouthwatering cheeseburgers. 

Also, the bar serves up some impressive G&Ts to complement your dining experience.

Website: All-Star Lanes

7. Bloomsbury bowling lanes

Bloomsbury bowling lanes

Photo via Bloomsbury bowling lanes

If you're looking for fun ways to knock down pins, consider visiting one of London's finest bowling alleys along Bedford Way.

As a family-friendly environment, Bloomsbury Lane is a great place to spend your leisure time because it offers a wide array of fun-filled opportunities for adults and children.

The Eight lane bowling alley prominently features a private five-lane kingpin suite, five karaoke rooms, ping pong tables, cocktail bars, a diner, and a stage. 

For nocturnal individuals, Bloomsbury Lane is home to a nightclub featuring nostalgic retro vibes that hark back to the vintage pop era. It's a fantastic place to visit at nighttime for adults and visitors.

Address: Tavistock Hotel, Bedford Way, London WC1H 9EU, United Kingdom

Website: Bloomsbury bowling lanes

8. The Croc Bowling Alley

The Croc Bowling Alley

Photo via Firmdale Hotels

Nestled within the elegant Ham Yard Hotel, this exclusive Bowling Alley boasts a lounge, a dance floor, and a dive bar.

Additional features include artwork by Howard Hodgkin, a silver baby grand piano, and top-quality bowling shoes.

The venue is exclusive to only a few selected individuals. As one of London's best bowling alleys, It is perfect for date nights and couples looking to spend their leisure time in private. 

Address: 1 Ham Yard, London W1D 7HY, United Kingdom

9. Lewisham Lanes

Another top-notch Bowling alley in London is the Lewisham Lanes. Situated in Lewisham, It features 22 lanes, a comfy lounge, arcade games, pizzas, hotdogs, and a cocktail bar.

You can visit this location with friends and family in your leisure time.

Address: 11-29 Belmont Hill, Blackheath, London SE13 5AU, United Kingdom

Website: Lewisham Lanes

Frequently Asked Questions

Does London have bowling alleys?

London has many bowling alleys where you can spend time with friends and family. London's best bowling alleys feature neon lights, live music, arcade games, quality beers, and an American-styled architectural structure.

How many bowling alleys are in London?

There are 52 bowling alleys in London. As a visitor or local, you can pick anywhere to visit with your family and friends, depending on your preference and location. 

Does the UK have bowling lanes?

The UK has about 3,700 bowling lanes across the various bowling alleys. The aim of the government is to increase these numbers to elevate the bowling experience of locals and visitors in the UK.

How many Bowling alleys are there in the UK?

There are about 309 bowling alleys in various places in the UK, depending on where you prefer to go. 

Final thoughts - 9 Best Bowling Alleys in London

London's bowling alleys cater to a diverse audience, appealing to tourists and locals alike.

With a blend of entertainment options, including live music, arcades, pool tables, and bars, these alleys provide a dynamic and enjoyable environment for individuals of all backgrounds. 

Whether you're seeking a leisurely pastime or competitive excitement, London's tenpin bowling alleys undoubtedly stand out as premier destinations that offer a perfect fusion of fun and camaraderie.

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