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Published on July 28, 2023

What comes to your mind when you’re asked to name a city in the United Kingdom? certainly it’s London!

London is as popular in the UK just as the New York City is well known in the US. But, is there another city comparable to London in the UK? Well, let’s find out.

If you are looking for another cool city to stay in Britain, Birmingham in the Midlands is a great alternative to London.

Are you trying to figure out whether London or Birmingham would give you the best holiday experience?

Or perhaps you want to know which of the cities will be a better residence, then keep reading this piece as we walk you through the comparison of London and Birmingham.

London vs Birmingham: Location Insights

The English city, London, is in the southeast part of the country. It is where the government of the United Kingdom is based and where the king lives. 

London has 8.982 million people, which makes it the most populous city in the UK. It also has the biggest metropolitan area, which covers 1,572 square kilometres.

Birmingham is right in the middle of the West Midlands area of England.  The city is known as the place where the industrial revolution began and where it grew the most.

As of March 2019, there were 1.149 million people living in Birmingham, which makes it the second biggest city in the United Kingdom.

Location Of London Vs Birmingham

Cost of Living in London vs Birmingham

Living in London is one of the most expensive things to do in England and the UK as a whole. Homes in downtown London costs a lot of money.

It costs an average of £600 per month to share a house in London and about £1,800 per month to occupy a whole flat.

In comparison, the cost of living in Birmingham is less than in London. To rent a place in the central business area of Birmingham costs only about £400 per month for a room and £600-£800 a month for a fully equipped flat.

On top of that, you will have to pay local tax. The amount depends on things like the number of bedrooms in your home and where it is (based on its zip code). At these rental prices, utilities like Internet, water, and electricity are not included.

Cost Of Living In London Vs Birmingham

Weather Face-off: Birmingham vs London

London has warmer weather than cities in the north because it is located further south. In general, it is a lot warmer and drier than Birmingham. Birmingham has 71 more wet days than London does.

The average daily temperature in London is 11.1°C but 10.4°C in Birmingham. London's maximum temperature is 14.9 degrees Celsius, whereas that of Birmingham is about 14.1 degrees Celsius.

On average, it is 7.4 degrees Celsius at night in London while Birmingham has a temperature of 6.7 degrees Celsius at night.

Weather London Vs Birmingham

Public Transport: London or Birmingham?

There are different ways to get around in London and Birmingham. The London Underground Rail System, or "the Tube," is well-known to both Londoners and tourists.

On the other hand, Birmingham is known for its large network of canals, which has more rivers than even Venice. 

Getting around the city on public transport is easy. In London and Birmingham, the famous red double-decker buses are always going somewhere.

Both London and Birmingham are important stops for long-distance and local buses that go to and from places all over the UK and Europe. 

Most long-distance buses, such as National Express, Megabus, Flixbus, and Easybus, leave from Victoria Bus Station. In Birmingham, these bus lines stop at a lot of different places.

Digbeth Coach Station is the main place where long-distance and intercity buses stop in Birmingham. 

Transportation In London Vs Birmingham

Education Comparison: London vs Birmingham

London is home to some of the highest-ranking universities in the world, including University College London (UCL), Imperial College London, and King's College London. 

These institutions offer a range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various fields.

Birmingham also has its share of reputable universities, such as the University of Birmingham, UCE Birmingham Conservatoire. The university has over 32,000 students from more than 150 countries. 

Students can choose from a variety of degree courses ranging from engineering to medical sciences and law.

Birmingham City University offers learning facilities like libraries and support services comprising career advice and counseling sessions.

Education In London Vs Birmingham

Sporting Cultures in Birmingham and London

In terms of sports, London and Birmingham both boast an impressive range of sporting events. 

London hosts numerous world-class sporting events such as the Wimbledon tennis tournament, cricket matches at Lord's Cricket Ground, and the annual Virgin Money London Marathon.

The city is also home to some of England's top football teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United.

Birmingham has a long history with diverse sports ranging from football, rugby, badminton etc. The city has several world-renowned football clubs including Aston Villa, Birmingham City FC & West Bromwich Albion.

Other popular games include cricket- Edgbaston Cricket ground in Birmingham frequently hosts international cricket tournaments. 

Sports In London Vs Birmingham

Places to visit in London vs Birmingham

Each city in the UK has its own unique points of interest when it comes to the many attractions, and London and Birmingham are no exception. 

Given that London is located in the geographic hub of both the UK and England, more tourist attractions and activities may be found there.

London is home to the House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and other historically significant British landmarks. 

Due to its industrial heritage, Birmingham is devoid of any castles or palaces. Nevertheless, it has some fantastic historical and family attractions. 

If you are a devoted football fan, Birmingham is home to the Aston Villa Football Club, West Bromwich Football Club, and Birmingham City Football Club.

Places To Visit In London Vs Birmingham

Job Opportunities in London vs Birmingham

London offers a wide variety of employment opportunities across many industries such as finance, technology, and law. 

With numerous multinational corporations headquartered in the city like HSBC, Siemens Virgin Atlantic etc, it presents multiple opportunities for career growth.

UK’s capital has been ranked the number one destination for job-seekers which also means high competition to secure jobs.

Birmingham, on the other hand, is home to several rapidly expanding companies across diverse sectors including manufacturing and renewable energy. Siemens Gamesa being among the well-known employers of thousands of people.

Both cities host regular recruitment fairs, career training workshops along with plenty agencies providing professional mentorship programmes.

Job Opportunities In London Vs Birmingham

Safety Measures: Birmingham vs London

In general, both London and Birmingham are considered relatively safe cities to live in. 

The Metropolitan police services cover the greater part of London and West Midlands’ regional policing unit, which leads to proactive campaigns against anti-social behaviour complementing national efforts towards reducing crime.

However, some areas of London such as Tower Hamlet’s and Hackney boroughs are known for robbery incidents while Pickpocketing on crowded public transport remains a concern.

Birmingham historically had its fair share of crime hotspots but the city has recorded less serious crimes as compared to London. 

Police patrols and community security initiatives rigorously promote safety awareness, hence ensuring its residents feel much secure.

While no place can guarantee being completely immune from criminal activities, both these cities have robust police forces whose constant monitoring ensures faster response time.

Security In London Vs Birmingham

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Birmingham More Expensive Than London?

When comparing the cost of living between Birmingham and London, the capital city of London is often significantly more expensive.

Everything from housing to groceries and transportation can come with a higher price tag. However, London also offers higher salary levels than Birmingham, making this cost of living manageable for many residents.

As a result, many professionals working in London choose to reside in the surrounding suburban districts to minimize housing costs and commute into the city, a viable strategy thanks to the city's robust public transportation network.

Is Birmingham More Diverse Than London?

The United Kingdom is renowned for its multicultural society, and both Birmingham and London reflect this diversity.

However, London's population is about 8 times that of Birmingham, leading to a wider array of cultures and nationalities represented in the capital.

As a result, despite Birmingham's own multicultural populace, London outpaces it in terms of diversity due to its sheer size and global appeal.

Which City Is Bigger, Birmingham Or London?

When it comes to geographical size and population, London is significantly larger than Birmingham.

As one of the world's leading cities, London spans over 600 square miles and houses a population of approximately 9 million people.

In contrast, Birmingham, while the second-largest city in the UK, is substantially smaller in both land area and population.

Final Verdict: London vs Birmingham 

The advantages and disadvantages of living in each city are readily apparent. The cost of living is higher in London, but the average wage is higher. In contrast to London's rich history, vibrant culture, and massive size, Birmingham pales in comparison.

Birmingham's advantages over London are being recognized by an increasing number of multinational corporations, which bodes well for the region's job market.

Depending on what you are looking for, a trip to either of the two cities can be fantastic.

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